VH001 Explained

VH001 Explained

There is no legal standard for the maintenance and testing of fire and smoke dampers in the UK but the Technical Bulletin VH001 (March 2021) issued by Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) provides the most comprehensive guidance available for this vital task.

BESA VH001 Technical Bulletin

The intention of the Technical Bulletin is to give guidance and advice to end users and service providers. It ensures that if adhered to, the responsible person as defined in The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (and Scottish and Northern Irish Fire Safety Regulations) has fulfilled their obligations as it details what is required for fire and smoke damper testing and reporting.

Everyone knows that fire safety is important, and minds should be focussed on the importance of ensuring that fire and safety regulations and responsibilities are front of mind.  Regular testing and maintenance of all fire protection systems including fire/smoke dampers are vital to the success of a building’s passive fire safety system.  Are you confident that all is being done to militate against the propagation of fire in your building?  We encourage maintenance engineers and designated responsible people to use VH001 to ensure their testing practices meet, or exceed this standard.

Copies of VH001 are available to purchase on BESA’s website

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