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Whitbread operates Premier Inn, the largest hotel chain in the UK, with over 1,200 hotels and restaurants and 30,000 employees across its hospitality business. With millions of customers being served every single month, safety is of course of paramount importance.


With such a huge estate, Whitbread needed a partner who could inspect all the fire and smoke dampers at every one of its locations with maximum efficiency and the minimum of disruption to its service. National Fire Damper Inspections (NFDI) won this prestigious business after a competitive tender process, with stakeholders particularly impressed by our commitment to service and the fact that fire and smoke dampers are our only business. We’re very much specialists, not jacks of all trades.


Working within the logistics of over one thousand locations and the nature of its 24/7 business, NFDI began ensuring compliance with BS 9999: 2017 to everyone’s satisfaction. With teams deployed throughout the UK, each hotel visited had a full report on its fire and smoke dampers (including multiple images of all dampers), as well as a plan of action to rectify any dampers which didn’t pass the integrity test. Our specialist knowledge meant that where further action was needed, we could provide a solution and Whitbread could see the extent of the work in advance.

All 800 hotels and associated restaurants – more than 1,200 facilities in all – were inspected and tested within the contract timeframe of 12 months.  As a result of on-budget, on-time contract execution, the contract has been extended by three years.

Our experience in working with hotel management and staff and our understanding of how to minimise hotel guests disruption are second to none and we hope that we can bring this experience to your hotel soon.

Whitbread - staff member

“After witnessing the work that NFDI carry out, it was an easy decision to award them the contract to manage our fire dampers. From Aberdeen to Plymouth they have been both responsive and professional and always available to answer any queries.”

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